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Have you ever thought of treating your pet to a morning dip on a hot summer day, or a game of “Throw and Pick” in a lazy afternoon?

Have worries about your pet complicated your travel plans, or spoil the fun of your holidays.

Pet Oasis is the place for you and your beloved pets. Like you, we love dogs and cats. We know they need space and exercises.

Covering an area of 40,000 square feet, we have 2 large green fields, a garden, and what’s more, 2 swimming pools measuring 800 and 500 square feet respectively.

No matter whether your pet is staying with us for a few days, or just several hours, it will be a pleasurable and delightful experience.

No place can be compared to the lap of a loving parent. But at Pet Oasis, we provide home away from home. We offer five-star hotel service where your pet will receive individual attention and professional care.

You are welcome to spend a day at our Club with your dog and your friends, and have an enjoyable time filled with laughter and chats.

How about taking your dog to our Club for a swim, or to run wild in our big green field? Swimming is highly recommended by vets. It helps increase muscular strength and improves blood circulation. It keeps your dog healthy and happy.

  • Car Park : Free parking
  • Disinfectant area : There is a disinfectant carpet at our entrance for protection against viruses and bacteria.
  • Swimming pool : 500 and 800 square feet pools installed with the newest filter and disinfectant system.
  • Grass field : Provides space for your pets to run wild

Pick up and delivery service : We have charged van service for picking up the boarders and driving them home.

Observation area : All our boarders stay in the observation area for a short while before settling into their rooms. They will be observed closely there to minimize the risk of spreading diseases to other pets.

Grooming service : We have a spacious dressing room that provides all kinds of beauty treatment. While your pet is being dressed up, you may browse our collection of pet books and magazines, or watch a video at our library corner.

Lobby and Shopping Area : We have a small shop that offers snacks, drinks, and top-grade pet accessories. We can also arrange for the order of pedigree pets, training tools and magazines from overseas.

Pantry service : We could supply simply drinks with the kennel.  No outside food and drinks are allowed.

You can share your photos taken at our Club with your friends. Do send us your photos. We will upload the nice ones on to our web-site.